Mon.-Thurs.         Fri.-Sun.

50|80 min     145 | 185           155 | 195

An orchestration of massage techniques for deep relaxation. Each therapist brings their own blend of synergistic massage modalities to suit your individual needs.


                    Mon.-Thurs.          Fri.-Sun.

50|80 min     155 | 195           165 | 205
Strong pressure relieves sore, tired muscles to increase performance.

CBD Massage

                    Mon.-Thurs.          Fri.-Sun.

50|80 min     155 | 195           165 | 205

The benefits of CBD include reducing inflammation and deep relaxation. Using organic, high quality 

CBD Massage Oil from Vital Body is deeply relaxing and relieves pain and inflammation.


                       Mon.-Thurs.        Fri.-Sun.

50|80 min      150 | 190           160 | 200

Soothe your spirit, stimulate your lymphatic system, and invigorate your whole body with lavender, eucalyptus, and citrus spice aromatherapy blends.

Prenatal Massage 

                     Mon.-Thurs.          Fri.-Sun.

50|80 min    145 | 185             155 | 195

A nurturing experience for the expecting mother. 

Riverstone Massage 

                     Mon.-Thurs.          Fri.-Sun.

80 min                190                   200

Warm river stones and heated rosemary and sage oil soothe away any bodily tensions.

Rose Remedy Massage

                       Mon.-Thurs.         Fri.-Sun.

80 min              190                        200
A soothing blend of detoxifying essential oils for your massage combined with a de-stress back treatment with jojoba beads, chamomile, lavender and an exotic European Rose Mask for the ultimate in sensory experience and relaxation.

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