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The Wellness center

Sat. April 11th

2:00-2:50 Ethical Skincare 

3:00-3:30 Power of Essential Oils

The workshop is $35.00 which can be used towards the purchase of spa products. Attendance is limited so sign up early.

Terri Jurlique.png

Teri Sandler is an expert in biodynamic agriculture specifically in the in the production of organic, high potency essential oils. 

Using certified organic and biodynamic* farming methods, we care for our farm as an integrated, living organism. Everything we do supports the health and vitality of the farm and contributes to the vigorous ecosystem of the hills.

Jurlique’s concentrated botanicals and pioneering formulas continue to defy expectations, delivering an undiluted force of Nature directly to your skin. Test, smell and indulge in these amazing oils and receive a goody bag as a thank you for your attendance.

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