Dear Valued Clients,

I am writing to assure you that Spa on the Plaza is committed to meticulously following all the recommended protocols to keep our clients safe.


Beginning on June 1st, we start to prepare the Spa to operate under additional guidelines designed to create both a safe and relaxing environment.


As the largest Spa on the Monterey Peninsula, Spa on the Plaza is in a unique position to offer safe services.  Services at Spa on the Plaza are low risk because contact is limited to 1-2 people. Unlike salons you have a private room and spacious scheduling. We have ten treatment rooms, two generous relaxation areas, and an outdoor pool and jacuzzi. This provides many options in order to maintain generous social distancing.


We also plan to limit the number of guests to four at a time to maintain both a safe and relaxing environment.  In addition all appointments will be staggered by 30 minutes to minimize any contact.


The steam rooms and jacuzzis will be available and safe as the COVID virus cannot withstand heat. We plan to limit usage to just a single person or one couple at a time. The Spa Receptionist will reserve the space for you at the time you book your service, as we need to reserve space in between to thoroughly disinfect the steam rooms and locker rooms.


To further assure you all our staff's temperatures will be taken and recorded before they start their workday. We will always provide masks and gloves for our team as well as fresh aprons for every service. We will be meticulous about sanitation.

I assume most clients are okay with bare hands as this is not how COVID is transmitted. However non-touch massage is also an option. Yes, massage with a light medical glove feels fabulous! There is also Riverstone Massage. The boiling water sterilizes the stones when they begin to cool and your therapist can quite effectively use them instead of their bare hands. This massage is my personal favorite. I recommend Andres as he is a master with the stones.  We are also adding herbal poultice massage which is quite lovely. All these options we are considering and would appreciate guest feedback.  We intend to get through this time by being smart and focusing on the well being of our clients and staff.


Massage is healing, and we all need a good

massage right now. Relax and visit us soon.

Warmest regards,

Camille Malcolm

Owner/General Manager


201 Alvarado Street,  Monterey, CA 93940

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