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Spa Consulting


by Roy Malcolm

Spa consultant/co-owner

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After a seismic connection with the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California, Roy left his home in Toronto, Canada where he worked as a Sales and Marketing Manager in Technology and Publishing.  Insights from meditation and the resettlement of his sisters @ Esalen led him to teaching Yoga and he working at Esalen for 3 years. Inspired by the Healing Trainings at Esalen and the land, he opened the Spa at the Post Ranch Inn (Voted #1 Luxury Inn by Zagat). Later, he discovered that Monterey had no spa in the community.  After his daughter Mira was born, the family decided move to Monterey.  Selling the Spa at the Post Ranch allowed them to create Spa on the Plaza next to the Monterey Conference Center and the Portola Hotel. That was 23 years ago. 

After creating and operating 3 other spas, they now operate 2. Spa Intercontinental on the ocean in the newest luxury Intercontinental hotel In Monterey next to the fabled Monterey Aquarium.

Roy has consulted on Spas from Hawaii through the East Coast and worked as an expert spa witness in litigation.
His chief interest is to assist others in bringing wellness as a service to wherever it is needed and allow owners and operators to be profitable in their ventures.  Roy enjoys working with startups and established businesses as a seasoned expert in the field.  Roy has a Honors BA from the University of Toronto, is a Yoga Teacher, and a Certified Massage Therapist in 10 different massage modalities.  He has seen both the good and challenging times in this business and shares that knowledge in the role of service for health and well being.
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